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Julbo: High Performance Eyewear

Julbo has been setting the standard for high-end eyewear for the past 125 years. Their first glasses, destined for glacier explorers, were released in 1888. Positioned in the French foothills, and inspired by this early experience in crafting eyewear for extreme environments, Julbo has become the leader in sunglasses for the Great Outdoors.

Offering lenses that adapt to the sun’s intensity has placed Julbo at the forefront of all the latest innovations in the protective eyewear world. Julbo’s lenses offer crystal clear optics which, combined with an anti-fog treatment, offer superior clarity of vision. In addition, their frames are built to be as withstand the demands of any rugged, extreme environment. Moreover, Julbo’s glasses will never slow you down in your adventures, and have a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing default.

Julbo’s creative sources for its designs are the environments they are destined for: sheer craggy paths of mountaineers, arid wind-swept expanses of deserts, unexpected hills and valleys of the forest, rolling river crests and thunderous crashes of the sea.