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The Rundlehorn - Climbing in Banff National Park, Canada

Created: 07/16/2015 - 18:33

Pics from a fun and easy day of climbing with friends on The Rundlehorn.  

Mulitpitch climbing in Banff must be hard core right?  Well...  it can be but it can also be pretty slack and easy.  Especially when it's just above the Banff Golf Course and less than 5 minutes to downtown.

What is The Rundlehorn?  It's the ridge of Mt Rundle that descends right down to the golf course.   No idea when the first ascent was, it's been climbed for years and years.  
Recently though.  2011?  The Banff Climbers Club ascended with drills, crowbars and hardware and now there is a bolted 11 pitch 5.5 that darn near anyone can do.

Highly recommended for climbers new to multipitching, injured climbers who can't climb hard but still want to get up high or even just the lazy.


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