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Bugaboos - Aug 2014

Created: 07/03/2015 - 20:29

In 2014, despite bad weather and injuries I finally made the pilgrimadge to the world famous Bugaboos.  Here are some pics from my trip.

To say that the Bugaboos are a must visit destination for climbers is a pretty strong understatement.  So it's with some small amount of embarrassment that despite living less than a three drive from them I had never visited.  

It had been probably 10 years of a long list of excuses, bad weather, work, injuries, not fit enough, etc.     I finally couildn't create or accept any more excuses and despite lack of fitness or good weather I slogged up the steep approach late before the long weekend and joined my fleeter footed friends who had arrived substantially before I did.

Enjoy the pics and if you haven't yet been there, then it's time to get after it!


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