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Crampon Durability Survey

Created: 04/09/2017 - 01:22

Do you ice climb or mixed climb? Take our Crampon Durability Survey.

Over the last two years in the Canadian Rockies we've seen a large increase in the number of crampon failures reported. 
We're curious if more crampons are breaking, or if because of social media it just seems like more crampons are failing. 

To help answer this, and possibly determine some patterns we've put together the Crampon Durabiility Survey.  The survey is open to climbers worldwide.

Enter the details of your crampons, how you use them, how many days you climb, etc.

You'll see the details of all the other submissions, and we'll be releasing an annual report leading into Fall 2017.

This data is being collected both to benefit the climbing community and to satisfy my own personal curiousity. (I believe better data leads to better decisions)

Email addresses are being collected to a) validate the info b) screen out the dipshits and c) notify the participants when the larger report is ready.

Thanks for your participation.

Follow this link:

Crampon Durability Report


Sample failures:


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