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Bolle Nova II Ski Google Review

Created: 03/15/2016 - 22:03
Bolle Nova II Ski Goggles

Gen does an in-depth test of the Bolle Nova II Ski Goggles with NXT lens technology.

Mountain Moxie received the Bolle Nova II goggle about a month ago for review. I was given the task to review them, and here are my impressions!

My very first impression right out of the box was that they were a low key, fly-under-the-radar styling. The lens is cylindrical, not spherical, and no flashy color. Essentially, they look theft-proof! But since I can’t review goggles from home, off to the hill I went!

I find the fit to be very comfortable. The goggles are advertised as fitting medium to large faces, but the fit suits my smaller face quite well. (I'm 5'3") The Nova II, which has a 20% larger field of vision than the original Nova, offers great peripheral vision; great to see your partner trying to pass you from behind!

The siliconized strap helps to keep the goggle in one place while wearing with your helmet, but don’t forget to tie them into the helmet strap! I temporarily lost my goggles after sliding them on top of my helmet due to forgetting this detail.

I’ve had the chance to test the Nova II in all light conditions and in mild to moderately cold temperatures.

The first thing I immediately noticed is how the colors pop. Reds are brighter, neons are even more bright, cyans stand out. And this isn’t just in sunny conditions, but in poor visibility as well. The lens’s contrast in poor light and flat light is very good. While testing, I continued to see terrain details after my ski partners had lost all contrast. The lens, a Modulator(TM) Light Control lens, is also a polarized category 1-3 photochromic. I find it performs better than a category 2-4 in low and flat light while not compromising much in bright light. The tint changes very quickly, within a second, when traveling from shade to bright sun, and back into shade. The polarization seems very discrete, with not much visible change when I tilt my head or look at a phone screen.

The Flow-Tech® venting on the Nova II goggles is very good. Combine that with a double lens which creates a thermal barrier and the P80 Plus anti-fog coating, and you get a goggle that is very resistant to fogging. I did manage to get a tiny bit of fogging once, on a mild day with no wind, in the upper corner of my lens, after doing a big gully line that left me sweating.

The fog appeared only once I stopped at the bottom of the run, but dissipated within a few seconds. So I’d say they’re virtually fog-free. I do find that things get a bit breezy for the eyes at higher downhill speeds, but I don’t start tearing up until I reach about 70km/h.

The lens is Trivex® material, a lens material with great clarity that is also extremely impact resistant and ultra-lightweight. Additionally, the outer lens is sheathed in a protective Carbo-Glas® armour to prevent scratches. That means your Nova II lens will stay newer longer. Combined with the raised outer frame design that keeps your lens away from surfaces (think laying on a lodge table) and you have a goggle that will perform well for a long time!

My overall impression:

The Nova II model #21070 with Modulator Light Control have great optics, are very comfortable, have a great field of vision, manage fog superbly, and are made to last. I would recommend these for resort users of all calibers, except those who make speed their main game.

The Nova II might not make for the greatest selfies, but if you want to spend your goggle money on what really matters, seeing clearly in all conditions, then these are a serious contender.

MSRP $139.00
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