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Spring in the Canadian Rockies is a time of movement - bears leave their dens, robins, and other migratory birds appear, and crocuses burst through the...

Sep 15, 2016    0
The Tale of the Bancroft Diamond
Oct 25, 2015    0

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View of Mt. Costigan

Compared to Devilʼs Head Mountain, Mt Costiganʼs gradual slopes don't catch the eye quite as much, but it is one of the defining peaks of the Ghost River...

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Product Overview

As the oldest manufacturer of climbing equipment in existence today, Grivel built their reputation on making...

Apr 11, 2017    0
Apr 09, 2017    0

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The Bugaboos by Ian Greant

If there is a centrepiece to Canadian alpine climbing it must be the Bugaboos.  Standard setting climbers have been visiting and establishing bold new...

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